#108.A: R.L. Flushing

Miike D and Sterling are joined by Ariel and Didi of sister podcast Catnap and Cognac. Sterling tells of a chance encounter with underrated actor Giancarlo Esposito, Miike the map master manages the machinations of Manhattan. Later, Sterling reviews Star Trek Into Darkness and The Great Gatsby. Where is Walt Disney's fault and what is he hiding in there? And can we get a petition going to stop M. Night Shyamalan from making any more films?

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In Catnaps and Cognac fashion, we will include Twitter handles to all involved in the show: Sterling - @indoob / Miike D - @mjdupaul / Didi - @LuckieStarz / Ariel - @arielcherie / The Lost Dial - @TheLostDial / Catnaps and Cognac - @CatnapsnCognac

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